Girapoggio – DOC Colli Euganei Cabernet

For Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère we always chose the brighter and leaner positions on calcareous lands in order to achieve maximum maturity in the grapes. On the steep slopes of Arquà Petrarca, to accommodate the natural, animated configuration of the hill, we planted the rows at “girapoggio”.
Then we patiently wait 3 to 5 years for the wine, that is severe and inscrutable at the beginning, to be revealed after maturing in the oak barrels.

Grape varieties
Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère


14 % vol.

In the Sassonegro area in Arquà Petrarca, chalky soil with a lot of clay, shallow, well-equipped in structure and with poor fertility. Plants of the late ’90s.

Fermentation and maceration part in steel and part in oak barrels. It refines then for 3-5 years in tonneaux and large barrels.

Service and pairing
Uncork a few hours before, serving at around 18 degrees. Excellent pairing with the duck in “pevarada” sauce, a classic in Venetian cuisine.

2018 Vinetia (AIS): Girapoggio 2012 – 3 Rosoni
2018 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2012 – 2 bicchieri rossi
2018 I Vini di Veronelli: Girapoggio 2012 – 89 points
2017 “Premio Speciale BioDiVino”: Girapoggio 2012 – Golden Medal
2017 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2009 – 2 bicchieri rossi
2017 I Vini di Veronelli: Girapoggio 2009 – 3 red stars, 91 points
2017 L’Espresso: Girapoggio 2009 –  Among the 100 Italian wines ready to drink
2017 Selezione del Sindaco: Girapoggio 2012 – Golden Medal
2017 I Vini di Veronelli: Girapoggio 2009 – 3 red stars
2015 Vitae, La guida vini AIS: Girapoggio 2008 – 3 viti
2013 Bibenda, AIS: Girapoggio 2008 – 4 grappoli
2013 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2008 – 2 bicchieri rossi
2012 Emozioni dal Mondo: Girapoggio 2007 – Golden Medal
2009 Gambero Rosso: Girapoggio 2005 – 3 bicchieri

Sulfites analyses

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